Polar Equine Heart Rate


Equine Fit testing

Heart Recovery HR


HR Recovery (HRR) is measured after performing set speed of 3 sets of 5-6 -7 ms canter exercise for a given period of time example for 190 seconds each    set and then measuring how far  the horses heart rate drops after each set in 60 seconds  minutes after stopping that exercise. For example, Cantering for at 7ms foe 3 minutes , a normal fit horse will drop under 100 PBM in 40 seconds  a unfit horse will take 60- 80 seconds as a example .A fit Jumping horse is able to do 3 sets at 6 , 7 and 8 ms and at 60 seconds be at 105 bpm or lower in seconds . 

Heart Rate can detect stress and pain

A normal Horses pulse rate is 29-32 BPM  , if the horse has  stress or pain  it rises 5- 8 BPM  and its proven HR goes 3-4 days before lamness comes, as well other  stresses in the horse . It also rises 5-10 BPM if you palpate the horses major association or biofeedback points  if the horse has stress in the muscles .